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The Tudors : a dynasty, a legend


More than just a family, a dynasty, the Thudors are legends...

Today, the mere mention of “The Tudors” calls to mind a major subject for the cinema. The dynasty’s international success on cinema and television screens goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, and owes much to the performing arts. French interest in the Tudors dates back to the 19th century and romanticism. It is part of a passion for history in general, and England in particular.

The extraordinary private lives – at opposite extremes – of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I arouse curiosity. The innocent victims of their policies or their emotions would become the players of a veritable historical drama. Painter Édouard Cibot thus portrayed the despair of Anne Boleyn, while imprisoned in the Tower of London, with all the importance of a major historic event.


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