Man Ray, sans titre

Man Ray and Kristina de Coninck

Man Ray, Sans titre, 1925 © Man Ray 2015 Trust / Adagp, Paris 2020

I choose the image with Lee Miller. The first thing that caught my eye was her smile, unique, mysterious,  but she is real, she is really there. Her personality is there, in that moment, in that picture taken by a sensitive person whom knows that its now or never. And she stays. Its funny that I did not even think about the rest of her body actually. Only her head and chest are speaking so much. She looks in the camera and reveals the contact with the photographer, like a synergy, giving and taking. The silk scarf with the print is precisely placed around her chest and arms, but any-time she is going to move, being free. This image inspires me because of the graphic angle, there is so much strength and a search of beauty. I imagined Man Ray while he develops the photo in the dark room, it must have been magic seeing this image appear!

Mrs Kristina de Coninck,  Model, Martin Margiela’s Muse


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