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Who is Henry VIII Tudor ?


Between legend and reality, who Henry VIII Tudor really is ?

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HENRY VIII (1491-1547)
Reign : 1509-1547

“…so covetous that all the riches in the world would not satisfy him”, Charles de Marillac, French ambassador. Henry VIII was 17 years old on the day of his accession in 1509. For his contemporaries, this athletic young man embodied the ideal prince and knight. Henry VIII would go on to display his ambitions abroad and his ruthlessness at home. Those close to him were aware of his capricious nature. “This is like having fun with tamed lions... Often he roars in rage for no known reason, and suddenly the fun be comes fatal” Thomas More.

The Tudors from 18 March to 19 July 2015 at the Musée du Luxembourg

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(left : Henri VIII D’après Hans Holbein le Jeune 1540-1550 © Petworth House, National Trust
right : Catherine d’Aragon, artiste inconnu, vers 1520, Church Commissioners for England (en dépôt à la National Portrait Gallery de Londres)

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