Man Ray, sans titre

Man Ray and Lutz Huelle

I've been looking at these images , and the whole of Man Ray's work again over the weekend.. It's almost uncanny how utterly relevant these images and the idea of this exhibition feels right now - few things could be more perfect for the moment we're living. There's such clarity and intent in his vision, void of complication and clutter. Man Ray's way of seeing and showing the world  seems so vital to me right now; just showing what is there in all its' inherent beauty, using light and shade and little else. It's like going back to the absolute essential, not in a  minimal, observant way but with purpose and determination, making sure that the beauty we see in these images is exactly that, nothing more and nothing less. I love how the image below is so void of artifice and at the same time so unique and filled with easy strength, and going forward this feels so right to me, for fashion especially but also for everything else...I crave clarity and honesty and the calm and joy of unfussy beauty now more than ever, and Man Ray seems such a perfect representation of this .. To be honest I cannot wait to see this exhibition!

M. Lutz Huelle, German Artistic Director and Fashion Designer


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