Charles Schumann

Man Ray and Charles Schumann

L'hommage de Charles Schumann à Man Ray © DR

Man Ray became famous for something he was not really interested in, namely his photographs. Actually, he wanted to become a painter. He says: “I photograph what I don’t want to paint, and paint what I can’t photograph.” I sometimes think that too, I could have been a really good boxer. Man Ray, too, was always many things, not just one thing – writer, filmmaker, philosopher. I also think of Man Ray’s “gift”, an iron with nails on the underside, the transforming reversal of an everyday object into an art object. Actually, in Schumann’s Bar we do exactly the opposite and turn an art object into an everyday object like a really good cocktail.

Mr Charles Schumann, Artist and Gastronomist

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from 23 September to 17 January 2021