Man Ray, Sans Titre, 1935

Man Ray and Geert Bruloot

For sure, the images of Man Ray opened my eyes as a young man, raised under the wings of a classic photographer uncle, that photography could be so much more than images. I discovered back then that the medium used by an artist for creating a work of art should not be restricted to the classic tools, even more I suddenly realized that a work of art is only a work of art when the creator decides upon. Thank you Man Ray…… We have to see fashion photography into the timeline. As we have later seen in the 1980’s, fashion photography and stylists started working together to create a new branding and/or interpretation of the looks than intended by the fashion designer. Fashion photography created on it’s own, new trends by using the work of the designers and adding a new challenge for the creative fashion world. Today, fashion photography has even become the inspirator for many fashion collections. Well, Man Ray was the first photographer to elevate the image of a dress created by a visionary designer into a work of art on it’s own. By doing so he was able to add his own signature to the various fashion houses he was working with. We are talking 1920’s – 1930’s! Above all, we can see now how his fashion images were created with a definite sense of modernity, not only as sa tyle but also as ca oncept. Bringing fashion and art together is still the sensation of the day…….. We love Man Ray!!!

Geert Bruloot, Fashion Consultant


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